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by Lucas Jones on August 22, 2017

Custom-graphics-by-Riveting-Wraps-for-Archer-Smith-remodeling-company.gifGreat remodeling combines style and functional design.  We'd like to believe we took a page out of Archer Smith Remodeling book to create this great wrap for their Ford Transit Van.  Once they saw the beautiful simplicity of the graphics we did for Redmond Floral, they knew we were the wrap partner for them. 

Design Simplicity Conveys More Than Bullet Points Every Could


We explored a few simple design options with Archer Smith, but this oversize version of their logo was an instant winner.  The high contrast and beautiful simplicity create a vehicle that cannot be missed on the road.  The clean, yet asymmetrical, tree in their logo design and traditional serif font conveys volumes about this company.  In addition to the oversize logo design element on the sides of the vehicle, they also included their name and business description.  Archer Smith offers a comprehensive list of remodeling services, but they exercised restraint and choose not to clutter their design with lists and bullet points. There is a real difference between a website, a brochure and a vehicle wrap.  When someone wants to learn more about their business they will check them out online to learn more about their background and services.  This design displays a confidence that makes them an attractive remodeling choice.

The Best Inks and Vinyl for Long Lasting Wrap

Riveting-Wraps-we-produce-all-our-vehicle-wraps-in-house-for-highest-qualtiy.gifThe graphics for this van were printed on a wide format, high resolution HP latex ink printer.  We use only HP inks (not cheaper off brand inks) for long lasting true color.  The graphics were printed onto a self adhesive long term vehicle wrap vinyl by 3M.  After the graphics are printed they are fully laminated, again with a premium 3M long term vehicle wrap laminate.  This protect the print from scratching or abrasion.  

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Impressions Make a Difference

Every time this van hits the road to call on clients and deliver samples, everyone's  eye will be drawn to this van.  According to 3M research, vehicle graphics have the lowest average cost-per-thousand impressions (48 cents) and cost the equivalent daily effective circulation ($30,000).    There is nothing comparable in terms of advertising efficiency.  You pay to wrap your vehicle once and it keep delivering impressions with no additional costs.

Ford Transit Van Wraps & Graphics Bring National Brands to Local Markets

New Call-to-actionTake advantage of every opportunity you can to economically promote your brand and business in your local markets.  By doing so you are leveraging the power of a your brand to drive business growth.   See more examples on Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

Beginning with vehicle graphics that have quality design, material, and installation, your commercial vehicle is ready for its marketing journey. Get some help at Riveting Wraps by calling us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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