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by Yuki Chan on January 4, 2017

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Rory's Of Edmonds is a bar and grill located in the beautiful Puget Sound waterfront town of Edmonds WA. To support their business needs, they recently acquired a Nissan NV200 catering van. Riveting Wraps designed, produced, and installed vehicle graphics that showcase the restaurant's branding on their new fleet vehicle

A Great Place For Happy Hour And The Games

matte black catering company van graphics Riveting Wraps Edmonds Bellevue Seattle.jpgSeeking for a place where you can have some great food and hang with people who share the same enthusiasm for the local teams? Rory's of Edmonds is just the spot for that! It is one of the top 20 Edmonds restaurants TripAdvisor selected, as well as the fourth best value Edmonds restaurant according to Foursquare. The nautical-themed bar offers a great selection of beers, snacks, and burgers, all of which are must-have food items for game nights. 

Serving a gluten-free menu, the bar is definitely a go-to place for Happy Hours. How can one pass on a $3 beer and half off appetizers Happy Hour deal?  In addition to the delicious food, you get a crowd of devoted audiences who also root for your favorite team. 

Sprinter Van Graphics Display Brand Elements

NV 200 van graphics design catering company Edmonds WA.jpgAs Rory's Of Edmonds' catering vehicle, the new van will be traveling around the North Sound area to fulfill orders and cater events. When it is doing so, it creates a great opportunity for the restaurant to promote its business. The catering van graphics with Rory's Of Edmonds' signature brand elements transform the vehicle into a mobile billboard. Riveting Wraps' designers created the van graphics design with the bar's requirements and its brand characteristics. Matte black color, white text, and an iconic anchor, these are the brand features that make up Rory's Of Edmonds. By using a vehicle template, the Nissan NV200 vinyl graphics are custom adapted to fit on the vehicle. See the design proof above.

Presenting Brands On Vehicles In Execution

Nissan NV 200 Catering van graphics installation Riveting Wraps Edmonds WA.jpgThe material choice for the catering van graphics is 3M matte black cast vinyl, a long lasting material that is durable and retains color well (deciding between matte or gloss? click for their differences). After the van was cleaned, it was dropped off at the Riveting Wraps' studio for the graphics installation. It is an essential task to ensure that the vehicle is clean and ready before vinyl was applied to it. A dirty vehicle causes puts quality and durability of the vehicle graphics in jeopardy. The catering van stayed with Riveting Wraps for two days. While the installation of the graphics was completed in the first day, another 24 hours were given to allow the vinyl to fully adhere to the vehicle. 

Simple But Memorable Vehicle Graphics

Being a well-known spot in the town, Rory's Of Edmonds established a brand that can already speak for itself. Passersby and customers can instantly recognize the restaurant's brand as they came across the catering van on the road. The simple and neat black colored graphics are great contrast to the white van, making it highly memorable. Check out more van wraps and graphics in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio

New Call-to-actionSeeing the branded catering van approach creates great anticipation for customers who are eagerly awaiting for their orders. Learn how vehicle graphics play a role in customers' journeysGive Riveting Wraps a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

  • catering van graphics Nissan NV 200 Riveting Wraps Bellevue Seattle Edmonds WA.jpg
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  • Rory's of Edmonds catering van graphics Riveting Wraps Bellevue Seattle Edmonds WA.jpg
  • NV 200 van graphics design catering company Edmonds WA.jpg
  • Riveting Wraps catering company van graphics Bellevue Seattle Edmonds WA.jpg

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