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by Yuki Chan on April 3, 2017

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According to research, Americans are dining out more than eating at home. As a reassurance to the general public, there are laws that govern restaurants' hygiene and equipment standards. For example, kitchen hoods must be regularly cleaned by certified individuals for hygienic and safety purposes. Riveting Wraps recently worked with SafeHoods, a new business that specializes in professional commercial kitchen cleaning.

Greater Seattle Area Kitchen Cleaning Services

Safe Hoods three quarters view.jpgFirerescue1, an online information site for firefighters, ranked kitchen fire as the most common type of fire in the United States. And in a study by the National Fire Protection Association, cooking equipment is a major cause for home fires. This is why it is essential that both household and commercial kitchens have to be maintained and cleaned as a precaution to hazards. 

SafeHoods is a full commercial kitchen cleaning service provider. From exhaust fans, hoods, ovens, to kitchen floors, the kitchen cleaning business makes sure that they are grease- and contaminant-free after their services. The cleaner's licensed technicians offer their expertise with quality service standards that achieves customer satisfaction. By serving with a detail-oriented manner, SafeHoods ensures their clients that their businesses will past inspection tests with flying colors and have uninterrupted operations. 

Diversify Functions Of Necessary Work Vehicle

Safe Hoods sprinter wrap rear view Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA.jpgIt is a necessity for SafeHoods to set up its service vehicle and even service fleet. Each day, the kitchen cleaner has to travel around cities to serve restaurants and diners. The cleaning company service vehicle is the transportation tool that brings technicians and cleaning equipment to customers. To add to its functions, SafeHoods worked with Riveting Wraps for a Mercedes Sprinter van graphics project. The added visuals on the vehicle will advertise the fledgling business wherever it goes. Click to learn about how vehicle graphics facilitate business growth!

SafeHoods' cleaning services van graphics are applied on the front, driver, passenger, and rear sides of the vehicle. Riveting Wraps and SafeHoods worked closely together to devise a vehicle graphics design using both texts and visuals. While the texts provide information about SafeHoods' service offerings, contact information, and qualifications, the illustrations are the cleaner's logo and an edited image that depicts a clean and sparkling kitchen hood. Find out here about the must-have contents on vehicle graphics. The cleaning services vehicle graphics establish SafeHoods as a professional kitchen cleaner in front of prospects and customers, no matter the vehicle is on the road or during service delivery. 

Custom Cleaning Company Vehicle Graphics 

New Call-to-actionA dirty kitchen is bad, not only that food quality declines, chances for hazard increases as well. The same rule applies for dirty vehicles. Adhesive vinyl does not hold up well on dirty surfaces and a dirty car is a direct reflection of a brand to its viewers. Learn more about the side effects of dirty vehicles on vehicle graphics application and brand image

See more Cleaning Company Vehicle Wraps And Graphics in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio. Riveting Wraps can customize wraps and graphics for cleaning companies based on vehicle type, budget, and campaign goals. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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