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by Yuki Chan on June 6, 2016

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1-866-Slabjack, an acclaimed family mudjacking business, worked with Riveting Wraps on a vehicle graphics project that promote their services and make their brand well-known in the local communities they serve.

Service Fleet As An Important Asset For Slabjacking Services

custom_contractor_vinyl_truck_lettering_Bellevue_Seattle_Issaquah_Riveting_Wraps.jpgStarted ten years ago by the Freeburg father and son, Slabjack NW offers reliable concrete raising and leveling services for the residents and businesses in the Pacific Northwest. The quality of their services is being widely recognized and is rated as an A-grade service provider on Angie's List and a Better Business Bureau accredited business. The contractor's business mission is to "Raise Sunken Concrete" with the least disruption to the existing infrastructure while removing a potential hazard. Depending on the location of the job site and the level of repairing required, various tools and equipment are being used for the services. The Slabjack's concrete trucks and box trucks form a professional fleet that transport these bulky tools such as grout mixers, grout pumps, and rock drills to anywhere the mudjacking services are performed. 

All the vehicles in the Slabjack service fleet are branded with truck graphics that represent the concrete repair company. This extends their business' marketing channels and at the same time establishes a credible image to the homeowners and property managers who called for slabjacking services. 

Benefiting From The Original Vehicle Paint

Slabjack NW's box truck graphics take advantage of the original red paint on the surface of the truck to create a great contrast with the branding graphics. The color "red" is Slabjack's brand color as depicted by its logo. And the service truck graphics are composed with white custom cut vinyl lettering and logo graphics. From the appearance, the graphics naturally blend in with the box truck, as if they were engraved on the vehicle. Unlike a full vehicle wrap, a cut graphics use much less materials and are ideal for businesses who are in pursuit of a simple presentation of their brands. Click to learn and compare the benefits of both full wrap and cut graphics

The combination of red and white on the box truck helps the messages embedded by the service fleet graphics to stand out. With just a quick glance, the name of the business, its specialized services, brand mission, competitive advantage, and its contact information can all be identified. These are all necessary information that should be included on any vehicle wraps and graphics. Die cut graphics, like the ones on Slabjack's red box truck, require a professional installer's full attention and technical skills to correctly position them on the vehicle. There is no room of error, even a millimeter's misalignment will affect the overall presentation of the graphics. 

Identify Your Brand With Fleet Graphics

Installing vehicle wraps or graphics is the same as putting your name on your personal belongings. The graphics make it easy for business owners and fleet managers to identify their vehicles. Seeing the promoted contents also allow potential customers to associate their problems with the services advertised. This blog post gives you an inside scope of drivers' minds during their commutes. 

New Call-to-actionA service vehicle travels hundred miles and reach several cities, communities, and neighbors on a daily basis. Don't let this marketing opportunity go to waste. Call Riveting Wraps at (425)368-5007 or email us at to discuss your vehicle marketing campaign.

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