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by Yuki Chan on June 16, 2020


Check out Seattle Style Remodel's service van rolling in style with their custom vehicle wrap! Bold, stylish, and impressive, the contractor van wrap not only delivers good looks but also advertises the Seattle Style Remodel brand in the Greater Seattle Area it serves.

Building And Remodeling Homes With Quality


"Design•Build•Remodel," these services are clearly specified on Seattle Style Remodel's service van. The general contractor specializes in all sorts of residential construction and remodeling, including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and even home expansions. From the moment clients contact Seattle Style Remodel, the experienced team of building professionals work closely with them through the Design-Build Process to bring their dream homes to life. The Seattle Style Remodel service van will deliver a strong presence during site visit, consultation, and construction processes.

Bold Branding On Contractor Service Van Wrap

Seattle Style Remodel's contractor service van wrap leverages the contractor's branding  to appeal to prospective and existing clients. Covering two-thirds of the 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Van, the vehicle wrap is a partial wrap, leaving the original white paint surface of the front of the van exposed. The black-based van wrap forms great contrast with the uncovered area strengthening the branding's significance as the main character to be portrayed on the vehicle. From design, production, through installation, Riveting Wraps' team of graphics experts were there every step of the way to create Seattle Style Remodel's one-of-a-kind van wrap.

Wrap-Install-Proof-Detail-Seattle-WA-Riveting-WrapsDesign: After conversations with Seattle Style Remodel to learn about the busness' branding, communication objectives and target audience, Riveting Wraps' designer created design concepts that align with the contractor's branding for their selection. The chosen concept was further developed into a design proof showing the finished effect on all sides of the vehicle. 

Production: The client approved design was then sent to production to be printed according to scale and layout. The contractor van wrap was printed using quality vinyl material and latex ink to ensure vibrancy and durability. A layer of lamination was also added to reinforce protection on the graphics.

Installation: Meticulous and skillful craftsmanship is required for both home remodeling and vehicle wrap installation to deliver quality outcomes. Seattle Style Remodel's Mercedes Sprinter Van was wrapped in Riveting Wraps' Bellevue studio by our experienced Installer. A good installation not only guarantees the visual presentation but also prolongs the wrap's life span. 

This is Seattle Style Remodel and Riveting Wraps' collaboration to fabricate attention grabbing and influential vehicle advertising. Learn more about construction contractor vehicle graphics and van wraps and graphics

Daily Vehicle Advertising With Effective Results

Sprinter-Van-Wrap-Back-Doors-Seattle-Riveting-WrapsAs one of the marketing channels, Seattle Style Remodel's service van wrap delivers great values to prove its advertising effectiveness. Vehicle wraps and graphics are cost-effective for advertising within budget generating high number of impressions per dollar as compared to other media such as TV, radio, etc..

New Call-to-actionCheck out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more van wraps and Mercedes Sprinter van wraps. Showcase your branding with pride like Seattle Style Remodel! Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at

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