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by Yuki Chan on September 6, 2016

chevy_van_contractor_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgDedicated in building and remodeling homes at the Bellevue area, Select Builders is a contractor that promotes its business mainly through word of mouth and vehicle graphics. When Select Builders decided to expand their fleet, they came to Riveting Wraps for help with designing a new look for their new Chevy express van.

Unique Home Builder Express Van Graphics

Seahawks_vehicle_graphics_Seattle_WA.jpgRiveting Wraps was held responsible for the production, design, and installation of Select Builders' new Chevy Express Van graphics. As a local builder, they develop their business through high quality work and word of mouth recommendations and referrals. This is why a good vehicle graphics design is value adding for Select Builders.

Designing a vehicle graphics is more than just putting all the messages you want to tell anywhere on the vehicle. Information has to be properly arranged to present the most effective information briefly and neatly (see this information guide and this design guide). Contrasted with the original white paint on the vehicle, the blue express van graphics highlight the builder's logo, mission statement, contact information, and credibility. The streamline design is pleasant to look at and can be easily remembered, especially with the seahawks logo - the symbolic mascot that everyone in Washington recognizes. Select Builders originally just planned for two plain blue stripes beneath the car windows. However, seeing a direct fit of the seahawks logo and the blue stripes, they decided to work with Riveting Wraps' designers to add this little twist on their vehicle graphics. The seahawks decals show Select Builders as a supportive local business

Turning Depreciation To Value-Adding

riveting_wraps_select_builders_vehicle_graphics_production_sides_bellevue_wa.jpgA vehicle is a depreciating asset from the first day you bring it in to your company. But when you add vehicle graphics, it turns your vehicle into a constantly value-adding asset. Along with the services and convenience the vehicle delivers, the vehicle wraps or graphics added generate innumerable marketing effects - helping the featured brand increase brand awareness and attract businesses. These factors are being used to evaluate the success of a vehicle marketing campaign.

To help Select Builders achieve their express van graphics' marketing goals, Riveting Wraps built a strong foundation for them in excelling its design, production, and installation. Working closely together, Select Builders and Riveting Wraps' designers came up with a satisfactory vehicle graphics design. The design was being presented in a design proof to help the builder envision the finished effect. Quality cast vinyl material was used as it can reduce the chances of abrasion, especially for a custom cut graphics. Before installation, the printed materials were carefully arranged to avoid any unchangeable mistakes or misplacement. 

Your Vehicle As Your All-In-One Tool

New Call-to-actionMost businesses have neglected the marketing potentials that their service fleet offers. While one vehicle already yields significant marketing outcomes, multiple vehicles that form a fleet and are branded with fleet graphics, multiply the benefits by an incalculable figure. See Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for other vehicles we installed graphics on. 

Our Do More Than Drive blog has all the resources you want to know about a vehicle graphics project. For more custom solutions, call Riveting Wraps at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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