Simple Yet Impressive Plumber Van Graphics - Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on December 26, 2018


Simple Plumber's service van graphics is a great example of how the aesthetics "less is more" is applied in daily visual communications like vehicle marketing. Riveting Wraps fabricated the plumber vehicle graphics for the Seattle plumbing service's Chevy Express Van.  

People-Oriented And Reliable Plumbing Services 

Since 2007, Simple Plumber has been providing professional household plumbing repair and drainage cleaning services to Greater Seattle Area residents. The plumber's service philosophy is to "keep it simple" for their clients even though the quality of work they deliver far exceeds that. As a family-owned mobile business, the Simple Plumber team is always on the go in their well-equipped service vehicles attending to service appointments with a warm smile and friendly attitude. 

From the exterior of Simple Plumber's Chevy Express Van, it looks just like any other ordinary white van, especially before it was branded with custom vehicle graphics. However, on the inside, it has built-in hydro-jetting machine, pipe inspection equipment, and a chest of organized tools ready to unclog drains, clean sewers, and perform all sorts of drainage repair and maintenance services. With the van graphics addition, the vehicle now does more than transportation and service delivery, but also promotes the plumber's branding.

Plumber Service Van Graphics With Significance In Customer Experience

"The team at Riveting Wraps were super easy to work with. My search started out on Google as I came across their information, I liked what I saw. Then I filled out what I needed on their website. After that the emails started flying back and forth with photos and logos. I had to have some paint done on the truck, so we had to push their installation out a month to be safe that the decals would not lift the paint. They do their work in a heated shop making the final product as good as it possibly can be in and the best conditions. We absolutely love how the truck came out and the 5 stars ⭐️ x 10 represent the finest in customer service I’ve experienced, I’ve had many trucks done and I will be coming back to Riveting Wraps for each truck as our little company grows."

- Owner of Simple Plumber LLC


Thank you Joe (owner of Simple Plumber) for this heartfelt review on his experience with Riveting Wraps. Our team looks forward to wrapping more vehicles of your expanding fleet. Other than the Chevy Express Van, Simple Plumber also has a box truck with consistent vehicle graphics representing the plumber's branding. The uniform fleet graphics on the different vehicle makes and models create identical perceptions and impressions about the business: Simple plumber offers convenient plumbing services and they can be reached at 206.660.4643. This straightforward communication is a driving force that influence and affirm clients' decisions throughout their experience.

Services like plumbing are intangible, it is unlike any physical product that can be seen or touched before customers pay their money. Uniforms, tools, business cards, and service vehicles, these are the tangible parts of a service experience that affect customers' evaluations on the brand's quality. This is why Simple Plumber's service fleet graphics add values to their business' growth and development

Cost-Effective Local Marketing With Service Vehicle Graphics

Gas, insurance, maintenance, salary of the drivers behind the wheel, these are all expenses for a business operating a fleet and a mobile business solely based on delivering services with vehicles. The additional investment of vehicle graphics on service vehicles turn them into marketing machines that reinforce customer relationship and attract more customers in the targeted service regions.

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