Smirnoff Rainbow F250 Truck Wrap Parades Pride | Seattle, WA

by Yuki Chan on May 5, 2020


Smirnoff collaborated with Match Marketing to create a custom truck wrap that represents the vodka brand's support to the LGBTQIA+ community. Riveting Wraps is honored to be entrusted with the fabrication of this meaningful and vibrantly colored vehicle advertisement. 

Celebrating Love, Pride, And Equality With Smirnoff Vodka


As the world's no.1 vodka brand, Smirnoff prides itself as an LGBTQIA+ activist and marketing leader to represent the community in their brand campaigns year round. Since 2016, the vodka brand started a new line of spirits called "Love Wins" to show their constant and continued commitment. This year, Smirnoff launched the "Welcome Home" campaign further to the "Love Wins" notion to embrace the different forms of love and provide sense of belongingness to these community members. 

Smirnoff actively participates in pride activities nationwide, such as the 45th Annual Seattle Pride Parade this past June. The cheerful rainbow truck wrap featured above was the parade vehicle that joined to celebrate the Pride Day with Greater Seattle Area LGBTQIA+ community. Check out the below screen capture from KIRO7 News livestream highlighting the moment Smirnoff's pride vehicle and parade members passed by:


Attention Grabbing Community Vehicle Marketing Truck Wrap


"Pride in every flavor," this campaign slogan on both driver and passenger sides of Smiroff's Ford F250 truck and the blended rainbow color that wraps around the whole vehicle make the theme of the vehicle prominent. The vivid and vibrant pride vehicle is eye-catching and guarantees attention from all parade attendees. Meanwhile, the Smiroff logo graphics also promote the vodka brand and showoff its stance to support LGBTQIA+ community. Vehicle advertising has been a contributing media for both long and short term campaigns and daily branding needs. Smirnoff's pride Ford F250 truck wrap generates low cost per thousand impressions, high impressions per mile, high recall rate, and other great advertising values delivering effective results in local community promotion. 

Colorful-Truck-Wrap-Installation-Seattle-WA-Riveting-WrapsAs the Ford F250 truck was rented only to be used for the Seattle Pride Parade, Riveting Wraps worked closely with Match Marketing to coordinate the project details and installation schedule to ensure the vehicle got ready in time for the big day. After the campaign, the vinyl wrap can be easily removed causing no damage to the pristine original paint surface. If your vehicle is leased, click to learn about whether or not you can install vehicle wraps and graphics on a leased vehicle.

Impressive Custom Event Branding On Ford F250 Truck Wrap 

New Call-to-actionMemorable and unique vehicle advertising can be custom made to fit any vehicle make and model. The graphics experts at Riveting Wraps make sure that the vehicle wrap design is compatible with the vehicle using precise templates to illustrate design proofs before proceeding into production. 

Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more truck wraps and Ford F250 truck wraps. Put your brand under the center of the spotlight with remarkable vehicle wraps. Call our team at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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