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by Yuki Chan on June 2, 2020


Riveting Wraps gets to work with many different meaningful and professional businesses to create custom vehicle graphics for unique branding. This time, our team collaborated with Galen Medics to fabricate trailer graphics for their mobile concussion testing center. 

Immediate On-Site Medical Assistance For Young Athletes

Playing sport is fun. It is an activity that improves physical and mental health along with many more benefits. Especially for children and teenagers, sport is an essential curriculum that gives lifelong lessons of social, communication, leadership, and discipline. However, improper warm-up, over-stretching, or impacts during competition when things get heated can cause mild to severe sports injuries.

Galen Medics offers on-site medical treatment for young athletes at Washington State sport events. The family-owned medical service holds onto the mission and vision to provide assistance in keeping athletes safe while having fun and to give parents a peace of mind. 

Custom Medical Trailer Graphics Highlighting Sportsmanship

It was an exciting project for Riveting Wraps to take part in branding Galen Medics' mobile concussion testing trailer. To transform an ordinary trailer into a mobile concussion testing facility that can test up to ten athletes at a time, significant modifications were done to both the exterior and interior of the vehicle. After reviewing several design concepts Riveting Wraps' designer proposed, Galen Medics decided on a trailer graphics rendering that best depicts their branding and service focus.

Front View: as this side is frequently blocked by the truck in front towing the trailer, only a simple Galen Medics logo was applied.

Rear View: the rear would be most viewed by drivers driving behind the trailer on the road or spectators (including families and friends of athletes) at the event. As such, a photo showing a parent with a young athlete along with the medical service's branding and the purpose of the vehicle represents that parental peace of mind Galen conveys.

Left And Right Views: the left and right sides of the trailer have identical graphics incorporated Galen's branding, services, and sportsmanship. Featuring kids playing football on the field, a large logo of Galen Medics, their slogan and contact information, and the trailer as a mobile baseline concussion testing center, all these visuals and texts provides bold identification for athletes looking for assistance.


The medical trailer graphics present a professional image of Galen Medics that can blend in at any sporting events as a supporting unit. Fabricated with durable vinyl materials and lasting latex ink printing, the concussion testing trailer graphics will maintain its vibrancy with good and regular cleaning and caring.

Fabricating Unique Trailer Graphics For Your Branding Needs

Based on your brand, your vehicle, and your goals (yes, vehicle graphics can achieve business goals), the graphics experts at Riveting Wraps can devise custom vehicle graphics that manifest the spirit of your brand. Check out our Portfolio for more trailer wraps and graphics.

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