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by Yuki Chan on September 24, 2019


The Bellevue franchise of TeamLogic IT needed vehicle graphics for a 2018 Ford Focus that would feature their professional image when delivering on-site support to clients and promote the tech branding along the commute.

Nationwide Technology Adviser 

Ford-Focus-Wrap-IT-Company-Side-Detail-TeamLogic-Bellevue-WA-Riveting-WrapsTeamLogic IT is a rapidly growing technology company with over 170 offices across 38 states in North America. As a technology adviser, they offer complete outsource and supplemental IT management support to help other businesses leverage technology to their advantage. Health care, legal, construction, financial, non-profits, and manufacturing, TeamLogic IT serves these industries and many others with technology solutions pertaining to their needs and standards. No matter it is everyday tech issues or system upgrade projects, the tech advisor is available to provide around-the-clock assistance.

Being proactive, preventive, and responsive, these are TeamLogic IT's approaches to deliver quality comprehensive tech support to their clients. In addition to remote monitoring and help desk hotline, TeamLogic IT has a team of technicians ready-to-go to clients' locations for on-site assistance. The 2018 Ford Focus Riveting Wraps designed, produced, and installed custom graphics on is the tech advisor's Bellevue branch on-site support vehicle.

Responsive On-Site IT Assistance With Technology Ford Focus Graphics  

Ford-Focus-Wrap-Car-Design-TeamLogic-Bellevue-WA-Riveting-WrapsGreen is the brand color of TeamLogic IT and they define this refreshing color as "the color of confidence" to associate with their reliable and rest-assured services. This color is widely adopted on the technology vehicle graphics that are applied on all four sides of the hatchback, including the hood, front windshield, driver and passenger side doors, and the rear bumper and window. Both green and white are light colors that create great contrast with the black exterior of the vehicle marking significant presence of TeamLogic IT's branding.

Ford-Focus-Wrap-Technology-Car-Logo-TeamLogic-Bellevue-WA-Riveting-WrapsThe branding and contact information on the Ford Focus graphics advertise TeamLogic IT's business by raising brand awareness and encouraging prospects to contact (learn more about the essential content to put on vehicle graphics). Unlike a full wrap or partial wrap that covers a major portion or even the whole vehicle, this tech company vehicle graphics have a simple structure of logo, lettering, and stripes. The graphics are produced with quality vinyl material with strong but not paint damaging adhesiveness to ensure durable result. 

Establishing Professional Image With Technology Service Vehicle Graphics

New Call-to-actionWhenever a service provider's representatives arrive in a branded service vehicle, it gives the impression that they came prepared. By comparing with a blank and unbranded service vehicle, the branded one shows credibility and professionalism of a dedicated business. Visit Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more small vehicle graphics

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