The Big Door Company Ford F350 Utility Truck Wrap - Bainbridge, WA

by Yuki Chan on July 8, 2019


The Big Door Company's new utility truck wrap is certain to capture everyone's attention wherever it goes. Riveting Wraps worked closely with the door company to custom create a vehicle wrap that truly represents their specialty and showcases their branding.

Big Door System Installation For Pacific Northwest Homes 


According to Origin Global, 26% respondents said that natural light is an essential element in a home. Natural light not only makes the home brighter but also creates a sense of spaciousness. This is why big door systems with large windows are becoming a popular choice for residential buildings.  Previously working as a commercial construction project manager, Darren Kiesler established The Big Door Company to provide expert big door system services to Pacific Northwest residential clients with his extensive knowledge in entrance systems. Bifolds, multiglides, and left slides, these are the big door systems the Bainbridge Island door company offers. 

Professional Service Delivery With Ford F350 Utility Truck Wrap

Ford-F350-Utility-Truck-Wrap-Before-After-Bainbridge-WA-Riveting-WrapsWhen attending to any consultation, installation, and repair and maintenance services, The Big Door Company’s Ford F-350 Utility Truck is their means of commute to clients’ locations. A branded service vehicle, just like an identification card and uniform, establishes a credible and professional first impression for clients. The bold blue full truck wrap displays a vibe of dependability and stability (learn more about the color psychology of vehicle wraps). Along with the vibrant graphics, the Ford truck wrap is a mobile vehicle advertising that attracts views and drives interest for the door company. Owner Darren Kielser gave Riveting Wraps a great review on his custom truck wrap:

"The Riveting Wraps team did an absolutely fantastic job. I had a very large white work truck with lots of intricate details that was changing to dark blue with graphics. My business deals with a high profile clientele that is very demanding of the quality they receive. My truck had to match the quality my clients expect from me. Deborah worked with me and added extra vinyl around the boxes to ensure none of the white showed through. The final product was incredible, I couldn't ask for better quality. I get compliments daily on the truck. I highly recommend you call Riveting Wraps. The Big Door Company that and the had high expectations and did not to see any of the white showing through.

 - Owner of The Big Door Company

The original color of The Big Door Company's utility truck is white. Client wanted to transform the whole vehicle into dark blue with graphics and lettering added to represent their brand. To change the color of the vehicle, there are two options: paint or vinyl. Compared to paint, vinyl is a cheaper solution that achieves the same effect without creating a change that is costly to reverse on the vehicle. A custom painted vehicle has a lower resell value than one with ordinary original colors such as black and white. But with vinyl wraps, it can be easily removed causing no damage to the original paint.

Custom Branded Truck Wrap Design


Throughout The Big Door Company's utility truck, Riveting Wraps branded the vehicle with the business' logo, contact information (phone and website), service offerings, and its tag line "The Big Door Installation Expert." The light blue and white colors of the logo, lettering, and graphics create great contrast with the dark blue base wrap on the vehicle. Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more Ford F350 truck wrap and other truck makes and models we designed, produced, and installed graphics for. 

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