The Catering Company's Food Service Delivery Fleet Wraps - Kirkland,WA

by Yuki Chan on June 27, 2016

catering_company_adds_advertising_with_vinyl_graphics_Bellevue_WA_Riveting_Wraps.jpgKirkland, WA based The Catering Company has over 12 years of experience in delivering great cuisine for private and corporate events. Microsoft is one of the many pacific northwest companies that relies on the Catering Company to deliver awesome food on time.  As the caterer expands its reach to serve more locations in Washington, it called for Riveting Wraps to install fleet graphics on their new delivery vehicles.

Strong Delivery Fleet Serves Awesome

Delivering to offices, parties, weddings, and many other locations and occasions from Arlington to Tacoma, The Catering Company offers awesome food and awesome services. Their constantly changing menu and expanding delivery fleet are the best evidence of the caterer's effort to deliver a distinguished catering experience to its customers. As a food delivery business, the ordering experience, the quality of the food, and the timeliness of the delivery dictate the overall customer satisfaction.

new_fleet_graphics_for_catering_company_vans_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgThe convenient call-in and online ordering and a variety of menu options has built a solid foundation for The Catering Company. However, if anything goes wrong in the delivery process, it would ruin the good impression that has been established in the early service encounter. With an increasing demand of their services, The Catering Company made a smart decision to expand its fleet to ensure the quality of their delivery service, making sure that their customers receive their food fresh and hot and in a promised time frame. 

Fleet Wraps Nurture Leads On-The-Road

Sprinter vans or cargo vans are one of the most popular choices of commercial vehicles because of their ideal transportation capacity. The use of delivery vehicle wraps assist The Catering Company's fleet manager and staff to easily identify their vehicles. In addition, the fleet graphics also yield tremendous marketing effect for the caterer's brand. The smell of the delicious food that The Catering Company fleet carries and the vibrant orange color on the van graphics earn the attention of potential customers on the road.  (learn how vehicle graphics help trigger a driver's behavior). Even if the graphics did not encourage an immediate action, it would create an impression to its viewers, reminding them that The Catering Company would be a good option for them when they need catering services. The strong delivery network has definitely increased the caterer's competitive advantage

Fleet Expansion At Ease

catering_van_graphics_design_riveting_wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgFrom buying or leasing the vehicle until the day it begins its service on the road, fleet managers have a lot to manage, especially when buying several vehicles at the same time. Riveting Wraps has rich experiences in managing vehicle wraps and graphics projects for expanding fleets. This project is not the first time that Riveting Wraps participated in The Catering Company's fleet expansion project. From adapting the caterer's consistent vehicle graphics design on a new model of vehicle, to producing quality cast vinyl wraps, and installing the graphics in a precise manner, our Riveting Wraps team understands what it takes to deliver quality standard that satisfy our clients. 

New Call-to-actionLet us handle your fleet graphics management (both your existing and new vehicles). Riveting Wraps takes pride in caring our clients' businesses and executing their brands in the best visual presentation wherever their vehicles go. We look forward to be hearing from you. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or send us an email at

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