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by Yuki Chan on June 23, 2016

franshise_van_and_fleet_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_Bellevue_Redmond.jpgThe Redmond franchise of Glass Guru, a national glass installation and repair chain, needed vehicle graphics on their service van when they expanded to Redmond. Riveting Wraps was honored to be responsible for the production and installation of the express van graphics for our new neighbor. 

Consistent National Brand Image

No matter it is a 4x4 truck, a sprinter van, or an express van, all of the Glass Guru vehicles that operate across the United States have fleet graphics with a similar structure. These graphics show off their brand's logo, service offerings, contact information, and professional guarantee (see the necessary info on a vehicle graphics). When the branded Glass Guru fleet joins forces, it strengthens the glass expert's marketing effort, establishing the "Glass Guru" name as a renowned household brand with a consistent image presented on their service vehicles. The local franchisees also benefit from such strength among their local service communities. 

Service Vans And Graphics For Service Provider

franshise_van_and_fleet_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_Bellevue_Redmond.jpgIn a typical Glass Guru customer's buying process, the service van plays an important role. When in need of glass services, it is not likely that customers would pay a visit to the showroom to arrange an appointment. Instead, they make phone calls to several service providers they know from different sources such as direct mails, TV ads, radio ads, word of mouth, or even from the vehicle marketing messages they encounter during a commute. This makes the Glass Guru service van one of the first few physical evidences that customers see, instilling the trust and confidence to convince customers of their quality service. The service van graphics are also an assurance of identification to homeowners and property managers that the Glass Guru crew is not random strangers. 

Bringing Glass Guru's Van Graphics To Life 

window_cleaning_chevy_express_van_vinyl_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_Redmond_Bellevue.jpgAlthough the service fleet graphics design for Glass Guru is pretty standardized, Riveting Wraps' designers drafted design proofs updated with the Redmond franchise's contact information and verified with them. A schedule convenient for Redmond Glass Guru was booked to reduce their express van's service down time. Before bringing the vehicle into our studio, Riveting Wraps highly recommends our clients to wash their cars to remove any dirt particles or dust that will wear off the durability of the vinyl to be installed. In addition to our studio, Riveting Wraps can also come to you for installation, learn more about the differences here

The original color of Glass Guru Redmond's Chevy express van is white, creating a great contrast with the blue themed graphics. All texts and logo graphics are die cut to naturally blend in on the vehicle. Click to read about cut vinyl graphics' production procedure

Advertise On The Road With Fleet Graphics

New Call-to-actionWhile one vehicle has limited advertising power, a fleet delivers the unlimited. Fleet expansion not only strengthens a business' marketing effort, it also improves the business' service quality and increases its capability to serve more customers. See the other fleets Riveting Wraps worked with on our Portfolio. 

Don't let the best opportunity to promote your business on a daily basis go away. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425) 368-5007 or send us an email at

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