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by Yuki Chan on September 1, 2017

custom ford transit van graphics for carpet cleaning company by Riveting Wraps Seattle WA

Check out Three Cats Carpet Cleaning's new Ford Transit graphics! The three adorable kitties on the vehicle graphics are attention grabbing and help promote the carpet cleaning service company in the communities they serve. 我们很荣幸能为三只猫室内清洁制造独一无二的车身贴图。

Customer-Oriented Carpet Cleaning Services

detail Riveting Wraps custom transit van graphics Seattle WA

Three Cats Carpet Cleaning is a new start-up in Seattle offering carpet cleaning services. Catering to the Chinese population in Greater Seattle Area, the cleaning company offers professional deep cleaning for commercial and residential properties' carpets, tiles, bathrooms, kitchens, sofas, mattresses, etc.. With state of the art cleaning equipment and expert cleaners, the young company receives rave reviews from new and returning customers. The cleaning chemicals Three Cats Carpet Cleaning use are environmentally friendly and safe for humans and pets. After each cleaning, Three Cats' cleaning experts wear white gloves to check the area to ensure that it is spotless.  

Iconic Three Cats Cleaning Services Van Graphics 

rear view custom ford transit van decals branding by Riveting Wraps Seattle WA

The Ford Transit service van of Three Cats Carpet Cleaning stores all of their cleaning supplies and equipment needed for service delivery. Inside the vehicle is a Hydramaster cleaning machine that vacuums and steam cleans with strong suction and high heat.

As a mobile business, Three Cats Carpet Cleaning's service van is the boldest and most impressive branding of the company their customers encounter. The van graphics yield great advertising value that gain brand awareness for the new brand and attract new customers. In addition, the professional setup of the cleaning service van establishes a memorable and expert image of Three Cats Carpet Cleaning when they perform scheduled cleanings for customers. 

ford transit van graphics production for carpet cleaning company Seattle WA Riveting Wraps

There are three sides to Three Cats' Ford Transit van graphics. They all provide the same information about the cleaning service company, including logo, name, and contact information. Underneath the signature "Three Cats" logo is the Chinese name of the business (三只猫), a direct translation from its English name. The company uses a WeChat account (a popular Chinese social media and messaging application) to connect with customers. This is why there are QR codes on the vehicle graphics for potential customers to scan and add them as contacts. 

Unique Branding Expressed With Custom Van Graphics

Fresh and interesting! These are the instant impressions Three Cats Carpet Cleaning's service van graphics generate. To bring this expressive branding to life, Riveting Wraps uses quality vinyl materials and prints graphics with vibrant latex ink. Visit Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more service vehicle graphics, van graphics, and Ford Transit graphics

New Call-to-actionYour brand can be easily recalled with the help of custom van graphics. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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