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by Yuki Chan on August 18, 2020


Riveting Wraps had a visit from Tradecraft Builders with their Ford F150 truck to discuss about a graphics project for the vehicle. The truck graphics incorporated the builder's branding to present a simple yet credible service provider image.

Local Builder Build Things Right The First Time With Strong Pillars

F150-Hood-Wrap-Seattle-WA-Riveting-Wraps“Trustworthy. Competent. Committed.” This motto defines Tradecraft Builders' pillar values and lay a strong foundation of their quality craftsmanship. The name "Tradecraft" specifies the builder's dedication to advance their skills and expertise through experiences. "Do a good job! Clean up after yourself!" Owner Trent Jackson learned this work principle from his father who was also a general contractor and applied it in his business to do things right the first time. Commercial and residential clients are wooed by Tradecraft Builders' excellent construction, great communication, and the reliability to work within the agreed budget and schedule.

Riveting Wraps strongly resonates with Tradecraft Builders' dedication to be customer focused. Our "No Surprises Policy" strives to meet up with clients' expectations and counteracts to resolve any unexpected variables. It is important for us to minimize vehicle downtime and fabricate a satisfied vehicle wrap for our clients.

Contractor Truck Graphics Show Pride Of Ownership

Tradecraft Builders' 2017 F150 Truck Riveting Wraps designed, produced, and installed graphics for is the owner's personal vehicle. The white 4x4 is branded with the builder's logo on both driver and passenger side doors of the truck cab. A brown color wrap is applied on the hood to cover the white paint surface and to represent Tradecraft Builders as a friendly and dependable service business. Lastly, graphics on the tailgate provide contact information and construction contractor license number of the local builder (learn more about the necessary information to display on vehicle graphics). 

As a proud owner of his business, Trent decorated his daily ride with Tradecraft Builders' branding to drive brand awareness and stimulate business growth in the communities he reaches in his commute. The contractor vehicle graphics also show a professional image to clients whenever the truck is at the job site during site visits or construction works. It is not uncommon for business owners to install graphics of their company brand on their personal vehicles. The graphics addition transform the vehicle into a rolling marketing billboard to promote the brand on the go.

Custom Construction Vehicle Graphics Unique To Express Workmanship

Aside from trucks, vehicle graphics can be custom designed to be applied on other vehicle types to consistently and coherently showcase a brand on different vehicles. Especially for construction contractors with a fleet of vehicles, the extensive travel of these vehicles multiply brand exposure to reinforce brand impressions.

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Check out Riveting Wraps' Portfolio for more truck wraps and graphics. and construction contractor vehicle graphics. Believe in your remarkable branding. Give Riveting Wraps a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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