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by Tim McVickar on March 5, 2018

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Seattle's #1 Electricians, Eco Electric and Plumbing,  have been powering Emerald City for over a century.  While Riveting Wraps hasn't been wrapping their service fleet for over a century, we were thrilled to be trusted with adding branding graphics to all their new fleet vehicles.   Pictured above are just two of their new fleet vehicles added for new business in 2018. 

Bright Colors Earn Attention on the Road

electrical contractor ford transit fleet wraps by Riveting Wraps.jpgThe lime green color and round bouncy shape of the Eco Electric and Plumbing logo make a simple graphics style brilliant on their new Transit vans.  No need to clobber viewers over the head with a full wrap when this POP of color can carry the day.  Consider the Psychology of color for Vehicle wraps and graphics when you're ready to choose the right color for your business fleet graphics or Ford Transit wraps.  

A succinct fleet graphics approach takes discipline.  While Eco Electric and Plumbing offers a wide range of services.  Their electrical services include electrical repairs, installation services, electrical safety inspections,  outlets and switches, lighting, rewiring, commercial services and many more.  Their plumbing services include construction plumbing, fixture plumbing, piping and re piping, water heater services and more.   They do a lot!

It would be easy to keep adding bullet points on the vehicle until there is no white space left.  But Eco Electric and Plumbing let's their long standing brand carry their message of quality services.  If you are interested in who a clean, minimalist graphic can deliver the punch for your vehicles, check out the work we did for Redmond Floral.   It might surprise you how a little can go a long way. 

Representing Your Fleet Wraps Color Accurately

custom wraps for electrical contractor ford transit van fleet vehicles by Riveting Wraps.jpgAccuracy in color printing is a science.  While no one is really interested in the details of our calibration process and the temperature and humidity controls we have in place - these are all important investments we make in our process in order to represent the true colors of your client's brands. 

Many companies having graphics put on their vehicles for the first time expect great color.  And they should.  The sad fact is, many businesses are shocked when their wraps and graphics are not the right colors.  Many clients have come our way because their old wrap company was not able to deliver consistent or accurate color on their fleet wraps.  We are happy to represent their brand as it was intended.

To verify that your colors will come out the way you would expect, we recommend asking for a small printed color proof of your graphics printed on the same type of vinyl that will be used to wrap your vehicle. 

Transit Van Vehicle Graphics 

New Call-to-actionFord Transit vans make are great fleet vehicles and offer a lot of "real estate" for getting your branding and message across.  However cliche', they truly are a rolling billboard that allow you to take your message to places (like residential areas) whey traditional billboard advertising would never be allowed.   

See more Fleet Van Wraps And Graphics in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio. Riveting Wraps can customize wraps and graphics based on vehicle type, budget, and campaign goals. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at 

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