Vehicle Graphics For Swinerton Builders' Fleet Support Brand- Seattle,WA

by Yuki Chan on June 26, 2016

contractor_fleet_graphics_for_Seattle_area_Riveting_Wraps.jpg Riveting Wraps enjoys working with passionate brands, and Swinerton Builders is definitely one of them. To support its growing Seattle area market, Swinerton Builders recently expanded their fleet and worked with Riveting Wraps on some new vehicle graphics. 

Fleet Expansion With Fleet Graphics

The sprinter van wrapped in this project is actually Swinerton Builders' Service Van No.1 in the Seattle area. In addition to the van, Riveting Wraps also installed logo graphics on the doors and tailgates of other pick up trucks in the fleet. When expanding a fleet, it is important to include fleet graphics on the new vehicles to show a consistent branding for the whole fleet. By branding a vehicle, it makes it easily recognizable for drivers, fleet managers, and relevant partners. Especially for Swinerton Builders' fleet that needs to commute back and forth between construction sites to transport workers, materials, and equipment, the vehicle wraps and graphics will be a good identification for them, granting them smoother access into the job sites. 

Brand Expression Promotes Employee Organizational Commitment 

sprinter_van_graphics_branding_for_construction_company_riveting_wraps_seattle_wa.jpgBeing a 100% employee-owned business, Swinerton Builders is an organization whose members have an extremely high commitment and enthusiasm towards their line of work and their brand. The construction company's logo, which shows an engineer pointing at a hypothetical construction-in-progress high rise and explaining the status to a business client on a blueprint, projects hope and achievement. Not only on their fleet, Swinerton Builders' logo is frequently made into signage to promote brand awareness among employees. When driving their company's fleet vehicles, the vehicle graphics remind Swinerton Builders' employees about the brand that they are representing and how they should represent themselves. Aside from the logo, there are other important types of information that must present on a vehicle wrap, find them out here

Dedicated Vehicle Wrapping Services

New Call-to-actionThank you Swinerton Builders, for your vote of confidence demonstrated by choosing us to continue branding your fleet! Riveting Wraps is dedicated to meeting our clients' business needs by offering quality design, production, and installation of vehicle wraps and graphics. We are passionate in great brand execution! Learn more about our services. Tell us about your brand and give us a call at (425)368-5007 or email us at

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