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by Yuki Chan on July 8, 2019


Be sure to check out Wild Canary Farm's flower truck when you hit the farmers' markets this summer! Riveting Wraps is honored to design, produce, and install a custom truck wrap for the Snoqualmie Valley farm. 

Locally Grown Fresh Flowers And 100% Grass Fed Beef

Honda-ACTY-Wrap-Detail-Riveting-WrapsFormerly known as KT Cattle Company, Wild Canary Farm is owned by  Katie and Jim Haack. The farm is located in the Snoqualmie Valley with acres of green grass that feed their unique herd of miniature cattle and flower fields that grow more than 60 varieties of flower. As a local family farm, they are committed to offer the freshest and healthiest local organic produce with minimal carbon footprint from farm to table. For instance, Wild Canary Farm's flowers are fresher, healthier, and more eco-friendly as compared to flowers imported from foreign countries.

Flower Truck Wrap Generates Impressions And Brand Awareness


Aside from subscribing to Wild Canary Farm's weekly delivery, their flowers are available for sale at pop up locations such as the farmer's market. To promote the local farm and stimulate sales, the plain white Honda ACTY truck was transformed into a refreshing flower truck with vehicle wraps co-created by the farm and Riveting Wraps.

"Riveting Wraps was terrific to work with. The design process and quality of installation were outstanding and the final product is much more than we expected! Super cool! If you are considering a vehicle wrap look no further!"

- Owners of Wild Canary Farm

Custom-Truck-Wrap-Installation-Tailgate-Riveting-WrapsThe design concept of the flower truck graphics is to bring the same kind of joy from a bouquet of vibrant and fragrant flowers to its viewers. Following this thought is the desire to bring this small bunch of happiness home and recall Wild Canary Farm's name the next time they are at the market or want to buy flowers. If you look closer on the truck wrap, you can see the white hand-drawn patterns of Dahlias all over it. Dahlia is the farm's most abundant flower type, with more than 110 species. Fresh, soothing, and rustic, this green colored flower truck is definitely memorable and attention grabbing.

Truck Wrap Design Turns Goals Into Achievements

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Riveting Wraps can't wait to see Wild Canary Farm's flower truck fully stocked with their beautiful blooming flowers. Even before the truck left our studio, we had so many people stopping by and checking out this one of a kind vehicle wrap. Check out more truck wraps in Riveting Wraps' Portfolio.

The vehicle advertising experts at Riveting Wraps put your marketing goals into action with custom vehicle wrap design that matches your branding and needs. Give us a call at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com. 

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