School Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

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School Vehicle Graphics

There are two major types of vehicles that are of great importance to education institutions - school bus and campus security vehicle. It is essential that these vehicles have vehicle graphics on them for identification purposes. And on top of that, the education institution vehicle graphics offer additional benefits. Gain some insights from the following resources:

Take Students On Adventures With School Buses That Show Pride....

Maximize The Functions Of Your Vehicle


A Necessary Signpost



The name of the school, college, university or educational institution must be clearly displayed on the body of a school bus or campus security vehicles. It supports student safety and provides essential information about the correct bus or security resource.



Ensure Safety



A school bus has the right of way when it is loading and unloading. While some education institutions do not use the iconic yellow school bus, proper school van wraps and school bus graphics help drivers to identify these vehicles for student safety. 

Commonly Selected Vehicle Types In The Industry

School Bus Graphics & Lettering

Going to school by school bus is an unforgettable experience for many students. The school bus wraps and graphics are an authoritative symbol parents recognize as a safe ride for their children. The graphics inform nearby drivers to drive with caution as children may be in the area loading or unloading from the bus.  Click to see more school bus Riveting Wraps worked on.

  • small_bus_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpg
    School Bus
  • Martial_Arts_Ford_Van_Partial_Wrap_Bellevue_Wa_Riveting_Wraps.jpg
    Ford E350

School Van Wraps & Graphics

For a small size education institution, such as a tutoring center, school vans are an ideal vehicle choice for them to accommodate to their students' transportation needs. Vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics are vivid visual presentations that promote your school brand in the targeted geographic locations. 

  • Ford E350

Other School Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Other school vehicles are used for the many functions of a school beyond student transportation.  Facilities, administration and grounds keeping crews require cars and trucks to carry out their responsibilities.  A well branded, well maintained fleet creates a positive impression of your school everywhere they go.  Rear window graphics and vehicle logos and lettering/numbering can promote your school and help keep your fleet organized.

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    Sedan Rear Window 
  • school_vehicles_rear_window_graphics_riveting_wraps_bellevue_wa.jpg
    SUV Rear Window

Engage students, faculties, parents, and the local community with your school vehicle wraps & graphics!

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