The Riveting Difference

Serious Quality Vehicle Graphics

The best materials are only the beginning...


  • premium name brand vinyls designed specifically for long term use and durability. 
  • printed on a high resolutions HP printer using environmentally friendly vibrant latex inks. 
  • custom calibrated print settings specifically set for vehicle wrap vinyls with drying and curing temperatures custom profiled to maximize long term the life of the vinyl.
  • color management systems to produce wraps and graphics that hit your colors 
  • laminated using premium brand name laminates paired as recommended by the manufacturer for long term use and durability. 
  •  the best vinyl options to match the required life of your message and help you manage your budget accordingly. 


  • collaborative work process - no "one size fits all" design layouts
  • support for existing design or new design
  • a proven creative process designed to incorporate the unique qualities of your brand in your design
  • design adaptation engineered to fit the specific requirements of each unique vehicle
  • digital proofing process that keeps you in the driver's seat


  • certified wrap installation business training best practices though out our organization
  • 3 point vehicle prep and cleaning prior to installation to ensure proper adhesion
  • no overheating or stretching vinyl
  • post heating in contoured areas to lock in vinyl memory to hold the curve
  • attention to detail and personal accountability

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Customer Focused

It's a Collaborative Process - Everything we do begins with you...


  • We believe transparency and open communication is the cornerstone of successful projects
  • We take time to understand your project and goals
  • We keep you informed on timing and next steps
  • We provide 24/7 access to project status for all fleet projects
  • We respond to your questions within a few hours
  • We let you know when additional information is required to move your project forward
  • What you see is what you get - our service and support for your project is just as great after we've earned your business


Project Management 

  • Our client success rep are advocates for your projects
  • We are committed to take care of your project from start to finish
  • Responsibilities, open items, scheduling and next steps are clearly communicated throughout the process
  • Our 5 point kitting and shipping process keeps your multi-location project on schedule
  • We are accountable for our work and our actions



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No Surprises Policy

Our goal is happy clients and long term relationships.

Vehicle wraps and graphics are inherently complex projects.  Each and every client is unique - with unique vehicle(s), vehicle colors and conditions, and design requirements.  There is no one size fits all.  Every graphic detail needs to be uniquely adapted to ensure a successful outcome. 

Additionally, it is a collaborative process in which we need to work with you to understand your goals, brand,  business, vehicle availability, and time frame.

Just like you, we love it when everything goes exactly as expected.  No Surprises.  And our process is designed to support a smooth and flawless process.  That said, with all the unique variables, there are moments when we encounter the unexpected.  Each and every Riveting Wraps team member is empowered to communicate directly with you so that when the unexpected does arise, we can communicate and resolve the situation directly, honestly and quickly. 


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