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The Basics

Seattle Police CarA day or two after the American public started driving, police cars became a thing.  For public safety, it was (and is) important that the police be easily identifiable. There is a long history of police cars markings and design.  Originally these designs were created with paint and later with high performance self-adhesive vinyl graphics.

According to "all knowing" Wikipedia "North American police cars were once noted for being painted black and white, with the car doors and roof painted white, while the trunk, hood, front fenders and rear quarter panels were painted black."  Even today, police fleet vehicles typically come from the factory painted a single color, most commonly black. The contrasting white color is still added today to make the vehicle stand out from civilian vehicles.  This high contrast marking created immediate recognition of patrol units from a significant distance."

cuelga-lamborghinOver time, police vehicle markings have become more stylistic.  New vehicle colors and customized vinyl graphics the fleet graphics can be determined either by the individual agency or by uniform state legislation. In many cases, state laws establish standards for police vehicle markings.  Blues, browns, reds and greens are frequently used, with brown and tans being favored by rural police and sheriff's offices.

47555Today, most fleet markings on patrol vehicles are created using self-adhesive vinyl. Colors are often chosen to represent the departments identity. 



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Check out the authoritative police fleet of the City of Bothell and Renton....



Law enforcement  wraps and graphics are uniforms for your fleet. The high contrast graphics convey authority and create immediate recognition from a distance .


New vehicle colors and customized vinyl graphics can be determined either by the individual agency or by uniform state legislation. Some state laws establish standards for police vehicle markings.


Premium cast self adhesive vinyl that is weather resistant is durable to support the demands of a police vehicle.  The graphics may be reflective or non-reflective.


Consistency is important when designing police vehicle wraps and graphics. The same design can be adapted to different vehicle types of vehicles and different vehicle function (ghost or stealth) 



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A marked parked vehicle can serve as a deterrent to crime.  Marked police vehicles can be assigned to specific neighborhoods to increase police presence.  


A full service vehicle wrap company is able to support your project needs from planning, design, production, installation.  They can manage these services based on the planned addition of new vehicles


A detail-oriented experienced wrap installer properly preps the vehicle surface, uses the correct tools, and manages the temperature and environment to ensure the long-lasting graphics adhesion.



Regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary for the durability of the graphics and the  image in pristine condition.


Public Safety

The presence of the police branded vehicles inspire confidence and assurance to community. 


Crime Deterrence

Police vehicles deter crime on the go and reduce criminal activities with their authoritative image in the communities it serve.

Department Pride

Just like uniforms and badges, the police vehicle graphics support department pride and cohesion to law enforcement officers.


The fleet of police cars with consistent branded graphics show discipline and obedience of the strict law enforcement.


The cost of police vehicle and law enforcement graphics can range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars depending on the amount of graphics installed on the vehicle, whether or not the doors are wrapped and the complexity of the design.      

Gold Police Graphics for Police cars and SUVs by Riveting Wraps Renton WA

New Call-to-actionUncertain what your police vehicle graphics will cost?  Contact Riveting Wraps for a free quote for your police vehicle graphics.  We can help you design to stay within a specified budget or provide you with a quote for your existing designs. Call us today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com

A few of the factors that will impact the cost of your graphics include the following:

  • Doors wrapped or not wrapped
  • Reflective or non-reflective vinyl
  • Multi-layer vinyl enhancements
  • Premium specialty vinyls
  • Precision striping
  • Additional graphics like 911, contact info, values or mottoes or other unique messaging

For managing your graphics budget you can either a) request a quote for your current design or b) ask for a design that will work within a specified budget.  All of the items mentioned above can be customized for your budget and timeline. 


Law Enforcement Vehicle Graphic Design

The image your law enforcement fleet vehicles present to your community, other law enforcement agencies, and emergency responders has a direct impact on an officer's immediate ability to protect the public and uphold the law.  Quick, immediate identification is key.  Whether you go with a traditional Black & White, a police car graphics design that is more contemporary, or a stealth version of your graphics, there are 7 must-have elements you will want to include. 

Riveting Wraps Police Vehicle GraphicsThere are several different makes and models of vehicle used by police, patrol and sheriff organizations across the country.  While the Crown Victoria dominated the police fleets for many years, today's most popular patrol vehicles include the following:

  • Ford Police Interceptor Utility
  • Ford Police Interceptor Sedan
  • Chevy Tahoe
  • Dodge Charger

A larger police department may have a mix of these vehicles in their fleet.  The current trend, however is toward SUVs - primarily the Chevy Tahoe and the Ford Police Interceptor Utility.  Consistency is an important attribute for fleet graphics management. That's why the same design is adapted across all the different types of vehicles in a fleet - SUV or sedan.  An exact template of the vehicle is used in the design process to ensure a perfect fit of the graphics and the vehicle. Wrap companies present design proofs to clients for approval as a mock-up of the finished effect. 

Listed below are the primary design items included on a police vehicle:

  1. black & white (yes, this is considered part of the design)
  2. authority name (POLICE, HIGHWAY PATROL,  SHERIFF, etc)
  3. jurisdiction name (city name, county name, state name, etc)
  4. authority symbol (shield, badge, star, etc)
  5. vehicle ID number
  6. other (motto, values, 911, non-emergency contact info)

Interested in learning more about what to include on your police vehicle check out our Guidelines for Law Enforcement Vehicle Graphics for all the answers.  

Police Stealth Vehicle Graphics Renton Police Department by Riveitng WrapsThe latest trend in law enforcement vehicle graphic design are stealth or subdued  designs.  Sometimes they are referred to as Ghost graphics.  These monochromatic designs are often used to replace unmarked vehicles.  These vehicles are difficult to spot from a distance or when driving at high speeds, but up close offer the public assurance of a legitimate law enforcement vehicle.  This is important for officer safety and public protection.  

The design on the left was created using Avery Metallic Gray and Matte black vinyl. On the gloss black vehicle paint, the matte black vinyl, while black, has a charcoal appearance. The Metallic Gray is an enhancement that adds dimension and a premium appearance vs a single layer of vinyl.

If you are not looking for a new design and want a vehicle graphics company to continue making and/or installing your current graphics, we can help you out with that as well.  Sometimes the current design is the best design - we welcome the opportunity to help companies carry on their traditions.


Police car graphics Riveting Wraps Bellevue Renton Bothell Seattle

Police SUV Graphics

Renton Police Ghost Graphics for Chevy Tahoes Renton WA by Riveting Wraps

Police Stealth Graphics

Police Interceptor graphics design and wrap for new Bothell Police Department by Riveting Wraps

Police Sedan Graphics

Some of the common police vehicle makes and models Riveting Wraps work on include:

Police Interceptor Riveting Wraps Bothell WA

Ford Interceptor SUV

Police Interceptor graphics design and wrap for new Bothell Police Department by Riveting Wraps

Ford Interceptor Sedan

New Wrap Design for Bothell Police Interceptor Sedans by Riveting Wraps Bothell WA

Dodge Charger


A plain vehicle becomes a police vehicle with the addition of custom police department branded vehicle graphics. Going through design, graphics fabrication, schedule, and installation, the police vehicle is then ready to join the rest of the police department fleet. police_graphics_production_process_riveting_wraps_bellevue_wa

The fabrication of police vehicle graphics begins with material selection, printing and laminating, precision cutting, and finally, installation. All these are executed with discipline to deliver consistent results that align with police vehicle standards.


Material Selection

Traditional police vehicles are in black and white colors for the high contrast and visibility to help deter crime and present identification when performing official duties. Nowadays, law enforcement also uses ghost graphics (a.k.a stealth graphics) to conceal their identity during special operations. Depending on the vehicle's purpose, there are vinyl materials supporting that need. Whether it is reflective or non-reflective material, durable cast vinyl delivers heavy duty visual communication for law enforcement vehicles.

Printing and Laminating

Police graphics durability is important because if a police vehicle has to frequently get its graphics replaced that means more down time from fighting crimes and keeping the public safe. To ensure longevity and best quality, police vehicle graphics are digitally printed with latex ink and laminated for a protection layer that resists abrasion, scratches, and UV rays. 

Riveting Wraps Stealth Graphics for Renton Police Tahoes Renton WA.jpg
police car graphics design production and installation Riveting Wraps.jpg

Precision Cutting

Cutting the printed and laminated police graphics is a step to carve out the design of the graphics and to remove its unnecessary borders and trims. A careless mistake in this procedure can ruin the graphics and costing the production process to start over. All these preparation ensure a smooth installation process. If the installation had to be performed out of the wrap studio, a wrap kit will be created to communicate with the installer to guarantee consistent results.


The Certified Wrap Installer applies his/her skills and expertise to install the police graphics perfectly executing the pre-approved design proof. The end result shows visual communications that appear as if they were factory painted. Aside from the wrap studio, installation can happen in an environment with the appropriate temperature, space, cleanliness, and lighting.

New Police Tahoe Fleet Ghost Graphics for Renton Police Department by Riveting Wraps.jpg

Police Vehicle Graphics Care

Regular Maintenance For Your Police Vehicles

Just like how you would regularly give your vehicles a car wash, extend that care to your wraps and graphics! The appearance of police wraps and graphics has a direct relationship with public perception. 

It is advisable to clean the vehicle on a weekly basis using gentle chemicals and tools. Road debris like salt and ice should be quickly removed to prevent scratches and scuff marks. Click here for more information on how to make your vehicle wraps and graphics last as long as possible

car wash.png

Police Vehicle Graphics Replacement

Incidents happen. With the high risk nature of police work, vehicle graphics have frequent needs for repairs and replacement. Depending on the scale of the damage, the graphics might be able to be repaired or need a complete replacement. 

Graphics Repair

Consult your wrap studio to assess if the graphics can be repaired. Photos of the damaged area are useful for graphics assessment.  If it can be repaired, follow the below steps:

  1. Confirm the design that will be replaced
  2. Ensure the graphics company has a color management system that can match the color of the current graphics
  3. Contact the insurance company to verify coverage of the repair
  4. If the vehicle has been repainted, you will want to wait until the new paint has fully cured before having your new graphics installed on your vehicle
  5. Schedule the graphics repair with the wrap company

Graphics Replacement

If the graphics cannot be repaired, a complete replacement is required. If this car or SUV has an old graphics design, this is a good opportunity to update the entire vehicle with your current design.  

Graphics and wrap replacement is a easy.  Once you send a photo of the panels that are being replaced on the vehicle, the wrap company can skip straight to the production and installation process.  See steps for replacement to the left.

If there are new replacement body panels that have been painted, be sure to wait until the paint is fully cured before scheduling the graphics installation.

Pristine Authoritative Image Presented With Professional Police Vehicle Graphics!

Riveting Wraps offers full service vehicle graphics design, production, and installation services nationwide. Call us today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at hello@rivetingwraps.com.

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