Extending Advertising Reach With Consistent Branding 

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The Basics

Custom-Trailer-Graphics-Cleaning-Company-Seattle-WA-Riveting-WrapsA trailer is an external vehicle attached to a powered vehicle (e.g. sedans, vans, trucks, etc..) to provide additional storage space. Cleaning services, contractors, and caterers use trailers to transport their equipment and deliveries. With a box shape, trailers are ideal vessels to be transformed into mobile billboards for branding and advertising. Together with the vehicle towing it, both wrapped vehicles present consistent and powerful marketing working in sync to represent the same brand.  Additionally, it shows existing and potential customers a detail-oriented image and the brand's dedication for quality. 

Enclosed6x12LargeWhen trying to recall the trailer we most commonly see in our daily commute, U-Haul's cargo trailers definitely come top of the list. According to AMERCO, U-Haul's parent company, the moving equipment and storage rental company has more than 120,000 trailers in their fleet. Imagine the number of impressions these trailers generate traveling across the country everyday, making U-Haul a national household. Using Geopath's data (vehicle wrap generates 30,000 to 70,000 impressions daily), U-Haul's wrapped trailers create 3.6 to 8.4 billions of exposures for the brand each day! (Trailer Image credit: U-Haul)

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Vehicle wraps are colored or printed vinyl films custom fitted and applied on the vehicle. Adhesives on the back of the material firmly adhere to the vehicle surface.


Top of the line cast vinyl materials from quality manufacturers such as 3M and Avery Dennison ensure wrap durability against abrasion, UV, and different weather conditions.


Custom designed graphics are printed using a wide format latex ink printer pre-programmed to print according to scale and layout from a client approved proof.



Two things to consider when expanding a fleet is to think of the vehicle wrap design (whether to use the existing or a new design) and the wrap studio to work with.




Vehicle wraps are opaque vinyl films that cover on the vehicle paint surface. The original color will not show through.


Magnetic vehicle signs are not advisable as it has limitations that can potentially damage the vehicle's paint surface and create safety issues on the road.


We add a layer of lamination is added to all our printed vehicle wraps fabricated at Riveting Wraps for an extra layer of protection and to prolong durability.


Aside from his/her skilful hands, great attention to detail, and experience, a Certified Wrap Installer uses various tools and techniques such as knifeless tape, squeegees, and post heating.


Vehicle wraps and graphics should be replaced in a timely manner once it becomes to avoid hurting a brand's image and credibility.

Costs and ROIs

Design and scale of graphics are the two main factors determining the cost of a trailer wrap. A complex design that requires more materials and time for production and installation affects the overall project cost. Generally speaking, the cost of trailer graphics can range from several hundreds to thousands. However, this investment yields high returns on supporting a business' operations, marketing, growth, and customer relations. 


Business Operations ROIs

  • Provide identification for internal users (such as drivers and technicians) and external partners (contractors)

  • Instill sense of belongingness and organization commitment with a vehicle that shows collective identity

  • Apply mandatory vehicle markings in compliance with city codes and operation guidelines

Marketing ROIs

Growth ROIs

  • Drive store traffic with compelling advertising spreading promotion messages through vehicle wraps

  • Increase sales with effective marketing appealing to targeted customers' paint points and needs

  • Nurture leads and customers as vehicle advertising reaches to more and more audiences in the service community

Customer Relations ROIs

  • Present a professional service image during service delivery with wrapped vehicles (learn how vehicles dress for success)

  • Consistent branding on all fleet vehicles, service personnels, and other marketing collaterals reinforce brand image of customers

  • Remind customers of the quality product/service they experienced and encourage them for return

Design and Messaging


AC Moate Truck & Trailer wraps by Riveting Wraps Seattle Bellevue WA.jpgA trailer is never alone, it always follows the path of another vehicle. Thus, its trailer wrap has a complementing design that goes together with the main vehicle towing it for consistent branding. Repeated and conherent branding through multiple exposures reinforce audiences' impressions on the promoted brand. Despite the different make, model, and shape with the main vehicle, the trailer and the van/truck/sedan share complimentary vehicle wrap design that shows their collective identity as representative of the same brand. During the design process of the vehicle wrap, a designer uses a design template of the exact vehicle make, model, and year to create a design proof showing the finished effect of the wrapped vehicle. 

Check out the different fleet below and our Portfolio to reference how businesses maximize their brand impact with consistent fleet wraps on vans and trailers:





Design, fabrication, schedule, installation, and results, these are the process that brings a custom trailer wrap to life, transforming a blank vehicle into a rolling billboard. The fabrication process can be further broken down into material selection, printing and laminating, cutting, and finally installation. Learn more about the details below:




Material Selection

Cast vinyl and calendared vinyl are the two common types of vinyl used for vehicle wraps. While the former material is known for its durability and flexible conformity to different surface, the latter one is for short term wraps at a lower price with the sacrifice on quality (shrinkage over time, sticky residue, and lower adherence). With an infinite variety of colors, vehicle wraps can support different branding needs. 

Printing and Laminating

Plain vinyl wrap won't suffice a brand's needs to create custom vehicle advertising. After the design process, a vibrant and vivid layout with text and graphics will be sent to Riveting Wraps' in-house wide format HP latex printer to be produced according to scale with precise coloring.  latex ink in environmentally friendly and releases no toxic substances during the printing process. As important, it guarantees vibrant long lasting colors. After printing, the graphics run through the laminator for an extra layer of protection that resists scratching, UV, and abrasion.

Cargo trailer wrap design production installation Riveting Wraps Seattle and Eastside Bellevue WA
service van lettering riveting wraps seattle bellevue.jpg

Precision Cutting

The printed graphics require preparation before they can be applied on the vehicle. The lettering and graphics in particular have to be carved out through a digital cutter that had the shape programmed in the computer. To facilitate the installer's process, the unwanted trims and borders are removed from the giant vinyl film for smooth installation.


Upon installation, the installer receives an install plan showing the finished effect of the wrapped vehicle and a wrap kit with all the vinyl pieces labeled. The next step requires great attention to detail - applying the graphics to a properly prepared vehicle. With the help of some tools, such as squeegee, knifeless tapes, and heat guns, the vinyl films are applied seamlessly and flawlessly, leaving no bubbles trapped between the vehicle and the wrap.


Graphics Care

The Spokesperson Of Your Brand With Decent Presentation At All Times

custom cargo trailer wrap riveting wraps seattle bellevue WAA clean unbranded vehicle - unprofessional😏

A dirty unbranded vehicle - sketchy🙄

A clean branded vehicle with simple lettering and logo - legitimate😊

A clean branded vehicle with attractive custom wrap - WOW👍😀

A dirty branded vehicle - harmful to your reputation😮

What kind of impressions do you want audiences to associate your brand with when seeing your custom branded vehicle? Aside from the design, the cleanliness and condition of the vehicle and its wrap affect the impression generated greatly as well. Thus, the upkeep and maintenance of both the vehicle wrap and the trailer wrap are essential. Learn more about the consequences of a dirty trailer wrap and the benefits of a well-maintained wrap:

  • Extend the life span of the vehicle wrap
  • Present a professional and reliable brand image
  • Avoid irreversible damage on the wrap with delayed cleaning
  • Boost morale of employees who come in high contact with the vehicle
  • Reinforce all previously established positive branding and marketing efforts 

Follow Riveting Wraps' van graphics cleaning checklist to regularly care and maintain for your vehicles

Van/Truck/Sedan Wrap + Trailer Wrap = 2X Advertising Effectiveness

Transform your trailers into mobile billboards with Riveting Wraps' professional vehicle graphics design, production, and installation services. Contact us at (425) 368-5007 or email us at

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