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The Basics

vinyl box truck graphics Riveting Wraps Bellevue Seattle WAPick-up trucks are the commonly selected vehicle type for construction, repair, and maintenance service businesses such as lawn care, cleaning companies, and home remodeling contractors, etc.. Its convenient cargo space makes it ideal for these business' operation needs. When making bulk deliveries, businesses opt for a huge vehicle, a box truck for instance, as a cost effective means of transportation. Both of these truck types have great advertising potentials with truck wraps and graphics added to their bodies.

No matter its job duty is to deliver services or goods, commercial trucks spend most of their day on the go. All these mileages can be converted into impressions. According to TruckingInfo, vehicle graphics generate 101 impressions per mile on average. Statistics from pointed out that truck drivers travel 2,000 miles to 3,000 miles per week. With these data, we can conclude that truck wraps and graphics generate 202,000 miles to 303,000 miles each week. 

Riveting Wraps contractor fleet wraps

"91% of truck advertising's targeted audiences even noticed the text and graphics on the wrap."

– American Trucking Association


Applying truck wraps and graphics not only set your vehicles apart, it also strengthen your brand's advertising effectiveness and efficiency. The graphics are an addition that showcases your professionalism. 

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Truck wraps and graphics are uniforms for commercial trucks that give them a professional look during service delivery and transportation commute.


It is mandatory by law for certain commercial vehicles to have  the contractor license number and the weight of the vehicle stated on the vehicle body. Truck lettering is an easy and convenient way to comply to this requirement.


Premium long term cast vinyl material that is weather resistant is used to support commercial trucks' heavy duty needs.


Being consistent is important when it comes to fabricating truck wraps and graphics for a fleet of commercial trucks. The consistency emphasizes the brand's standard.


 According to the IRS, commercial vehicle wraps (including truck wraps and graphics) with advertising purposes are tax deductible.  (Consult your accountant regarding your local tax laws)


Even when the truck is parked, it is always working as your brand ambassador, showcasing the best brand image and promotion at all times (check out Parketing )


A full service vehicle wrap company is able to support your project needs from planning, design, production, installation, through project management.


A detail-oriented truck wrap installer takes care of the rivets on the truck surface, using the right vinyl material and tools to ensure the perfect adherence of the graphics to the non-flat parts of the vehicle.


Regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary for the durability of the graphics and the upkeeping of your brand image in pristine condition.

Costs and ROIs

According to the Truckers Report, a commercial truck can cost up to $260,000. Relatively, the cost of truck wraps and graphics only accounts for a small fraction (less than 5%) of that expense. Depending on the size and complexity of the graphics, the truck wrap cost ranges from from several hundreds to thousands. This additional investment adds the function of advertising to the commercial vehicle, maximizing the returns it can generate.    


Research by the American Trucking Association revealed that 96% of their respondents noticed truck side ads. A survey by the RYP & Becker Group mentioned that 97% of respondents can recall truck ads. These data prove truck advertisement's effectiveness in capturing audiences' attentions. The Federal Highway Administration reported that long-distance trucks travel at least 100,000 miles a year. Knowing that vehicle graphics generate 101 impressions per mile on average (according to Geopath), the annual impressions truck wraps and graphics can create would be 10.1 million impressions. 

The cost of these impressions is extremely low, with only $0.77 per thousand impressions for a truck wrap and $0.48 per thousand impressions for a fleet truck wrap. The same amount of impressions would be a lot more expensive with other types of advertising. For instance, the cost per thousand impressions would be $23.70 for TV, $19.70 for newspaper, and $3.56 for outdoor ads. The comparison of cost per thousand impressions between these media ranks truck advertising the most cost effective

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Design and Messaging

New call-to-actionThe size of a truck is huge, giving ample space for its owner to embed meaningful brand messages on it. The brand name, brand logo and character, products or services, selling points, and contact information are the must-have information on effective truck wraps and graphics. 


There are many different makes and models of trucks. Sometimes, a business not only adopts trucks in their fleet, they also have vans, trailers, or sedans to fulfill their operation needs. Consistency is an important attribute for fleet graphics management. That's why the same design is adapted across all the different types of vehicles in a fleet. The target audiences, brand characteristics, budget, and goals are other factors that influence a truck wrap design. An exact template of the vehicle is used in the design process to ensure a perfect fit of the graphics and the vehicle. Wrap companies present design proofs to clients as a mock-up of the finished effect.
Box trucks, pick-up trucks, and food trucks are the three types of commonly used trucks for businesses. Logo and lettering, partial wrap, or full wrap are the three categories of truck graphics design businesses can select from.

Some of the common truck makes and models:


Design, fabrication, schedule, and installation, are the necessary steps that bring truck wraps and graphics to life.


Before scheduling the installation, the truck wrap and graphics had to be prepared through the fabrication process. The vinyl graphics will be ready after printing, laminating, and cutting the selected materials. Each of these steps has to be professionally executed in order to produce the best visual communication. 


Material Selection

The design of the truck wraps and graphics affects the materials to be used. Vinyl materials come in different colors and shades supporting the creative wrap and graphics designs to bring them to life vividly. Instead of calendared vinyl (a cheaper alternative vinyl not ideal for long-term use), Riveting Wraps uses premium grade cast vinyl to deliver durable, UV resistant, and vibrant wraps and graphics to our clients. 

Printing and Laminating

The chosen truck wrap design is digitally printed on vinyl using a wide format HP latex printer. The use of latex ink does not release toxic substances, which is environmentally friendly and safe, and guarantees vibrant and vivid graphics. The printed graphics will go through the laminator to add a layer of protection that resists abrasion, scratches, and UV rays.

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Precision Cutting

The final step before installation is to prep the graphics by cutting and removing the unnecessary borders and trims. The graphics are sent to a digital cutter to precisely carve out the designed shape. This preparation work is necessary to ensure a smooth installation process for the installer. Especially for fleet management projects which the graphics are to be sent elsewhere for installation, a wrap kit will be made to communicate with the installer to guarantee consistent results.


What happens in the installation process is that the Certified Installer applies the vinyl graphics on the truck. High level of skills and expertise are required for a professional installation. A great installer's work shows a perfect conformity of the graphics and strong adherence of the vinyl to the vehicle as if the graphics were naturally painted. 

vinyl lettering for box trucks Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA.jpg

Graphics Care

Regular Maintenance For Your Truck Wraps

Just like how you would regularly give your vehicles a car wash, extend that care to your wraps and graphics! The appearance of truck wraps and graphics has a direct relationship with the endorsed brand's image and impressions. Below are some of the consequences of a dirty truck wrap:

  • The truck advertisement becomes ineffective
  • The brand's professional image being undermined
  • The spoiled brand image spreads negative word of mouth
  • The dirt shortens the life span of the truck wraps and graphics

It is advisable to clean the vehicle on a weekly basis using gentle chemicals and tools. Road debris like salt and ice should be quickly removed to prevent scratches and scuff marks. Click here for more information on how to make your truck wraps and graphics last as long as possible

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Your Trucks Not Only Deliver Products And Services, It Can Also Advertise.  Do More Than Drive!

Riveting Wraps offers professional vehicle graphics design, production, and installation services. Give us a call today at (425) 368-5007 or email us at

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