Riveting Wraps Logo 288x123Vans, box trucks, pick-up trucks, food trucks, SUVs, sedans, or hatchbacks, no matter what the vehicle type, Riveting Wraps can custom design, produce, and install vehicle wraps and graphics that create identity or advertising for your organization. With experience working with clients from different fields, our team of vehicle graphics experts knows what it takes to create graphics that accommodate our clients' unique branding and operational needs. More than just putting graphics on vehicles, Riveting Wraps can manage projects for fleets (such as police and public fleets) and franchises to ensure consistent and quality branding results despite geographic barriers. 


Toyota Tacoma truck graphics by Riveting Wraps Bellevue WA

"91% of truck advertising's targeted audiences noticed the text and graphics on the wrap."

– American Trucking Association

Riveting Wraps Box Truck Wrap for Out Today of Kirkland WA

New call-to-actionTrucks are one of the most commonly driven business vehicles on the road. While pick-up trucks are used for service vehicles, box trucks can be used for service, delivery, equipped workshops, or transportation purposes. Truck wraps and truck graphics brand trucks with meaningful images and texts that help with recognition, advertising, and brand presentation. It is also mandatory for commercial trucks to have vehicle markings stating operator and identification information. Toyota Tacoma, Nissan NPR, Ford F350, Dodge RAM 2500, Riveting Wraps works with all different truck make and model.


Franchise_Van_Fleet_Graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WASome businesses need a simple van graphics effectively expressing a brand's logo, contact information, and offerings while others maximize their vehicle with a fully wrapped van with bold, vibrant and vivid visual communication. There are custom van wraps and graphics available for any service and delivery vans designed to make their brands and crew look good and professional. Riveting Wraps wraps Chevy Express, Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and other brands of van for commercial and residential services, consumer products, franchises, construction contractors, caterers, cleaning services, landscapers, and many other businesses.



Bite_Squad_Food_Delivery_Fleet_Wraps_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpg"98% audiences said vehicle graphics create positive image for the company."

- American Trucking Association

Relative to a truck or van, cars like sedans, coupes, or SUVs, are small, but they form mighty vehicle advertising that generates impressive value. Whether it is a professional fleet or small business owners advertising with their daily commute, car wraps and graphics are a convenient and cost-effective option of media. The design of small vehicle graphics can be as minimal as logo decals with vinyl lettering or it can be a full wrap that changes the color of the car. Car wraps and graphics are flexible advertising that New Call-to-actioncan adapt to different branding needs and budget constraints. For a service companies, their branded sedans make support a professional image for sales and consultations. For consumer goods companies, fully wrapped vehicles support product launches, brand building and sampling programs.  And for law enforcement, the SUV graphics present an authoritative image. Check out the common car wraps and graphics below:




franchise wraps for Chevy Express Vans Riveting Wraps Seattle WA

Riveting Wraps Precision Door Franchise Fleet Graphics San Diego CA

fleet_wraps_riveting_wraps_bellevue_wa"The Cost Per Thousand Impressions for fleet graphics is $0.48."

- 3M

In a medium sized market, a vehicle wrap can make 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions on the road. With the massiveness of a fleet, this number of impressions multiplies by the number of fleet vehicles and increases the chance of customer conversion. The cost per thousand impressions for fleet graphics is lower than that of a single vehicle wrap by $0.29. The omnipresence of fleet vehicles reinforces audiences' impressions of the brand with consistent impressions. Even with a diverse use of vehicle make and model, vehicle graphics can be adapted to custom fit without altering the uniform brand presentation of the fleet. Riveting Wraps work with different fleets from different industries including Fast Water Heater, Precision Door Services, Bite Squad, Police Department Fleets and more


van and truck vinyl graphics for franchises Riveting Wraps Bellevue Seattle WA"75% audiences develop impression about the advertised brand and offerings."

- American Trucking Association

For a national franchise, its fleet operates across different states and cities in the country. Despite the geographic differences, all these fleet vehicles represent the same brand. There are strict branding guidelines for franchises to follow in order to maintain a consistent brand image. The execution and quality of franchise franchise_wraps_riveting_wraps_bellevue_wavehicle graphics have to adhere to brand standards. Riveting Wraps supports franchises' vehicle advertising needs with project management services. Franchise fleet managers can be rest assured and manage their fleet vehicles in different franchises at ease. Based on the make, model, and year of the vehicle, Riveting Wraps can fabricate perfectly fit vehicle wraps and graphics into wrap kits and send to the local franchise for installation or coordinate the entire process through our installation network from beginning to end. From design, production, to installation, Riveting Wraps handles the whole franchise fleet graphics fabrication process for you. 


Riveting Wraps works with all kinds of vehicles. In addition to the common vans, trucks, sedans, and SUVs, our team of professional graphics experts can design, produce, and install visual communication for trailers, food trucks, buses, and any vehicles that have branding needs. 

Custom Vehicle Wraps And Graphics that Get Results! 

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