Vehicle Rear Window Graphics FAQ

What is a rear window graphic?

A rear window graphic is usually made with either standard (cut) vinyl or  vinyl. Cut vinyl would be used in the case of doing lettering along the rear windshield, without having a full design. perforated window vinyl is how you achieve the full design you don't get from cut vinyl.

What is perforated window vinyl?

More commonly known as window perf, it has the same adhesive qualities of standard vinyl, however it has small holes in it that allow you to see out. On the inside the car will look slightly tinted, while on the outside everyone will see your design.

What are the benefits of a rear window graphic?

Rear window graphics are 100% removable within the warranty period, they are fully customizable, cheaper than a vehicle wrap, don't damage your vehicle like magnets can, are allowed in most leasing contracts, and most importantly, it draws attention to your vehicle to help get your company noticed.

Can you see through rear window graphics?

In both cases yes. With cut vinyl, the actual vinyl is taking up such a small amount of the rear windshield, you should be able to see almost as well as if it was there. With window perf, the holes are cut to a side where most of your graphic will be visible, while giving you enough vision to see out the back when you need to.

What is laminate?

Lamination is apply a clear vinyl (laminate) to the graphic side of the printed vinyl. Laminate is used to protect the ink on the vinyl from scratches, keep it clean, and prevent UV rays from making the image on the graphic from fading.

Do rear window graphics need to be laminated?

If you are looking for long term, then yes, however short term graphics (~6 months) don't need to be laminated. In the case of fleet graphics or for small businesses where you will have the same design on the graphic for a long time, it's worth it to have the window perf laminated. Short term cases usually come up if you own a city bus with continuously changing graphics, or if you are promoting an event and will only want the window perf for a short amount of time.

Are rear window graphics permanent?

Rear window graphics will stay on your vehicle for their warrantied time, and can then be removed. They can be removed using a heat gun to soften the vinyl and pulled off.

Will a rear window graphic damage my vehicle?

No. The smooth nature of glass allows for the vinyl to be removed easily leaving little to no adhesive residue if removed within the 2 year warranty period.

Do I need to wash my vehicle before I bring it in for installation?

Absolutely. You should wash your car the day or the day before you bring your vehicle in for installation. Not only is there an additional cleaning fee of $100 if you don't, but if you didn't wash it at all, you'd have bits of dirt and debris under the vinyl that would stand out when the installation is completed. Avoid this problem, save yourself some money, and wash the vehicle.

How long will it take to install rear window graphics on my vehicle?

Plan for about 30 minutes, however it can vary from vehicle to vehicle based on square footage of the window.

How do I care for my rear window graphics?

We actually have a whole page about this, go check it out here!

Is it easy to remove vinyl graphics from my window?

Vinyl graphics stay on well when they are in use and come off easy when it's time to remove. We use a head gun to soften the vinyl and then pulling the vinyl off from there. Because of the adhesive, it's difficult to accidentally remove the vinyl, but simply to when you'd like to change it out.

Where can I find some sample images of rear window graphics for Riveting Wraps' clients?

Check out our portfolio where we have a collection of same vehicle wraps and rear window graphics that we have done for our clients.


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