Vehicle Wraps & Graphics Design

Our Design Process.

Successful vehicle wraps or graphics design turns heads, earns engagement, gets remembered and influences behavior - all in approximately 2 - 5 seconds.  Fortunately, our creative process makes it easy to go from

"I'd like something that..."   to   "That's it!"  quickly and affordably.


We provide complete design services. 

If you have a design, we will gladly work with your design and adapt it to meet the layout and installation requirements of your specific vehicle(s).  (Please see our resource on design requirements here.)

Alternatively, if you need help achieving that eye catching design for your vehicle(s) we are delighted to help you with a new design as well.

The Creative Process

Great designs happen when we understand your brand and communication priorities.  Our creative process allows us to prioritize what matters most to you in how you express your brand and what key message you want to deliver.  Some brands are serious and some are fun - the perfect design for one business will never be the same as the perfect design for another. Our goal is a great design that not only earns attention but also compliments your brand.

Vehicle wraps and graphic design

We specialize in vehicle and fleet graphics. We know how to determine which graphics are best suited for specific types of vehicles and specific types of execution - full panel wraps vs cut vinyl graphics.  Our designers always consult with our installers before finalizing the design to ensure that any design proposal we make can be replicated on the physical vehicle.

Project management

We help move your project through the process, on budget and on time. Learn more about our project management services project management services.

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About Riveting Wraps

Our mission is to transform vehicles both visual and functionally. We provide high quality commercial vehicle wraps and graphics designed to grow your business.
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Make Sure Your Vehicle Wrap Design is Great

Download our free guide with pro tips  for a great wrap design everytime.


Whether you are planning to create your own vehicle wrap design or evaluate the quality of your new design, this free guide will help you acheive your goals.

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