Project Management

Project Management

If you are like 99.9% of our clients, you've got more important things to do than planning, coordinating, anticipating, scheduling, overseeing, double-checking, and managing the details of all your vehicle graphics projects.  And that's OK.  We actually enjoy putting all the pieces together for you, making sure everything is right, keeping everyone informed and your project on track.  We take pride in completing your projects on budget and on time - and the success is in the details.

The Riveting Wraps Way

At Riveting Wraps, project management and client communication are as important as quality design, fabrication and installations.  Our no surprise policy mandates that we keep you in the loop and deliver every step of the way. 


The vehicle wraps and graphics process is an inherently a high service collaborative process. A successful project requires access to your design assets, vehicle information, and ultimately your vehicles.  We treat your time and assets with the respect and care they deserve.   We work closely with you to deliver on your objectives, design requirements, time line and budget. 


We track each and every one of your vehicles by location and VIN#.  Using collaborative technologies that enable us to share the status and scheduled next step on every vehicle in your fleet, whether you have 100 vehicles or are just staring out with your first vehicle.  This information is available to you 24/7. 

Small, but Mighty

We are a small, but mighty company.  As a small company, we have the advantage of fluid communications among all our team members.  Our client success team, our designers and our installers review all active projects together daily.  This allows us to be responsive and respond quickly to issues or any change in plans.

No matter how involved your project, whether it’s the launch of a fleet of vehicles, or a new business with their first vehicle, we have the expertise to keep things running smoothly.


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Our mission is to transform vehicles both visual and functionally. We provide high quality commercial vehicle wraps and graphics designed to grow your business.

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