Like a great meal, a completed vehicle wrap is entirely dependent on quality ingredients and skilled preparation.  And like that great meal, you want to get what you ordered, made with the promised ingredients, on time, at the agreed to price. 

Top Quality Vehicle Wrap Vinyls

We've all heard the saying - "You get what you pay for."   Well this is absolutely true when it comes to the first ingredient - vehicle wrap vinyl.  And here's our advice...

Don't risk it.
Know what you are buying. 
Be aware that all vinyls are not created equal.

We use only best-in-class 3M vinyls designed specifically for vehicle wraps.  3M premium wrap vinyls are precicesly formulated for a smooth clean installation, long term conformability to complex vehicle curves, and clean removal within the warranty period. 

If a company is silent on the materials they use, be sure to ask. 

Even More About Vinyl

Why would a company use anything other than premium vehicle wrap vinyls from a top name brand company?  One reason only.  It's a cost cutting tactic that saves them money and leaves you with inferior graphics.  Learn more about the primary types of vinyl below.

Calendered vinyl - "I like to be flat"

Calendered vinyl is used extensively in the sign industry and is designed for application on flat surfaces.   Calendered vinyls are less expensive than cast vinyls and perfect for flat sign surfaces and substrates.  Some calendered vinyls will try to adhere to a curved or complex shape for a short period of time, but ultimately they want to return to their natural flat shape.  This creates a big problem when those graphics that looked great when you picked up your vehicles soon start to lift and fail in the contoured areas of your vehicle and around rivets on box trucks.  We do not recommend using calendered vinyls on your vehicles.

Cast vinyl - "I like conforming to shapes"

Cast vinyl, is a premium vinyl that is manufactured to take on the shape it is applied to.  When applied properly, it adopts that shape permanently.  Premium vehicle wrap vinyls and laminates are in the cast vinyl category. 

It is important that you know, vinyl manufacturers, including industry leaders 3M and Avery, make both types of vinyl.   So always ask for the name brand and type of vinyl a company plans to use for your project.


We laminate all printed vehicle wraps and graphics.   We use a 3M laminate specifically designed to be paired with the 3M premium vehicle wrap vinyl.  Proper pairing of vinyl and laminates ensures the vinyl graphics conform consistently to the vehicle.  Laminating your printed graphics accomplishes 4 things:

  • Protects your printed graphics from abrasion or pollen, pollution and other environmental debris
  • Reduces fading from UV rays
  • Allows you to  wash your vehicles without damage to the print
  • Extends the quality appearance of your wrap or graphics

High Resolution HP Latex Ink Printing

We print our graphics on an HP high resolution wide format latex printer.  We use only HP latex inks formulated for the highest quality print.  Our printing process is carefully calibrated for superior color management. 


We complete the entire fabrication process under one roof, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of your project until the moment you need it.


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