Your Place or Ours? Where is the best place for vehicle graphics installation

by Deborah Scott on July 27, 2016

Vehicle graphics can be installed at either the client location or the wrap installer location.  Many installers prefer to wrap at their own facilities because they have the conditions optimized and all of their tools quickly accessible.  That said, there are times when it is more efficient and saves the client time to have a graphic installed at their location.  Installing vehicle wraps and graphics at the client's location is not a problem as long as the following 5 conditions are available:

1) Temperature Controlled

builder_transit_van_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_Wa.jpgFor the best results, vehicle vinyl should be installed at temperatures ranging from 60-75 degrees.  If the outdoor temperature is above or below this range, the vehicle should be brought inside so that the surface temperature of the vehicle is within this range during the installation.  Additionally, it takes about 24 hours for the adhesive layer to reach maximum bonding strength with the application surface.  In order for this to  happen the vehicle and vinyl must be between 60 and 75 degrees.  To shorten this bonding process learn more here about post heating.


2) Adequate Work Space

McDonalds_Food_Truck_Wrap_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgThe installer should have at least 6 ft clearance on all sides of the vehicle.  This space allows the installer to handle the panels properly and work without distraction.  (Note: if the space is too small for sufficient clearance on all sides, the work space can be maximizes by re-positioning the vehicle as necessary)

3) Cleanliness

home_inspection_services_truck_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Bellevue_WA.jpgWork area for a professional vehicle wrap installation should be clean and free of any dust or small particles of debris as these will jeopardize proper adhesion of the vehicle graphic. The floor should be swept clean prior to installation and the area should be free of other activities that may release dust or other particles into the air during the installation.


4) Good Lighting

Construction_contractor_van_graphics_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgGood lighting helps the installer detect air pockets, wrinkles, seams that need to be worked out or squeegeed down to create a great final surface for the wrap.  It is important for the installer to be able to access the quality of their work as they progress.  The best light is from above and on all four sides. 

5) Low Distraction

Franchise_Vehicle_Wraps_Riveting_Wraps_Seattle_WA.jpgA vehicle wrap installer is not an entertainer, he or she is a skilled craftsman keenly focused on each unique installation.   If you have not seen it before, watching a vehicle wrap installation is pretty amazing.  But the installer has a fixed amount of time budgeted to complete their work, and interruptions, comments and questions while work is in progress can make focus difficult and slow down the process.   

Be  Sure to Make the Best Long Term Decision for Your Vehicle Wraps

New Call-to-actionThe convenience of wrapping at your location may seem ideal in the short term.  But remember, these graphics may be on your vehicle for 7-10 years.  Before trading off the inconvenience of shuffling a few vehicles around for an afternoon, consider whether your conditions are conducive to a high quality wrap that will last for years. 

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